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The first step is to install git and tell git who you are use your email address and your name in the last 2 commands.

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Next we will create a GitHub repository, so go to GitHub and add a new repository named shiny-server. Now that git is set up, you can add shiny apps to this repository assuming you know basic git usage. As mentioned previously, Shiny Server can also be used as a great tool to host interactive Rmarkdown documents not just shiny apps , so you can use this method to publish your rmarkdown files. Shiny Server is useful not only for hosting Shiny applications, but also for hosting R markdown Rmd documents.

These R markdown documents can either be regular plain R markdown docs, or interactive Rmarkdown documents. If you place an Rmarkdown file with the exact name of index.

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

This is optional and a little more advanced. You might have noticed that to access both RStudio and Shiny Server, you have to remember weird port numbers and This is why my Shiny apps can be reached at daattali.

But it seems to have worked for over 1, people for a few years already, so that does give me confidence in these settings! Much better! I used Namecheap to buy my domain, but most companies are fairly similar. After purchasing your own domain, there are two steps involved to link the domain to your droplet: you need to point from your registrar to DO, and to configure your domain on DO.

I used to give out specific instructions on how to do this, but unfortunately the steps required keep changing every few months because the websites change their interface , so instead I will link to the two articles that will guide you through this process: Step 1: How to point from your registrar to DO and Step 2: How to configure your domain on DO.

YES it can! Shiny Server works great as hosting. Rmd files, and you can even embed a Shiny app inside the Rmd file. Dirk Eddelbuettel and Carl Boettiger already did a fantastic job of making some R-related docker containers, including RStudio and Shiny Server, so check out Rocker if you want to go that route. But you can quickly surpass all these steps and use docker if you prefer :. Toggle navigation Dean Attali. Want to improve your Shiny skills?

Tags: professional rstats r-bloggers shiny tutorial popular. Liked what you read? Let me know Support me Tweet it. Sign up to my Shiny newsletter. Honest responding is the only way to avoid this outcome, so that a clear picture emerges of you, warts and all. As noted above, if you have already started to address the issues you know about, that's a very good thing. If you take on board the findings in the report and start to address them once they're laid out for you quite clearly, that's the next best thing. Again, it's something best done before you're ordered to do it.

If your evaluations only involve a 'clinical interview' and zero psychological tests, and they seem to have gotten it entirely wrong, or only considered your ex's allegations and none of your evidence, following up with an independent assessment with leave of the court to do so!! There is a lot of literature on how objective tests are superior to unaided clinical judgment, and if the court's report writer disregards this or isn't trained or permitted to do testing, eg. Any psychologist looking at a test profile has to say the same thing about what it says.

It's in the manual. They may have differences about how it connects to things in evidence, but that is exactly why clinical judgment is weaker than objective tests.

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This is a case where you may want to ask leave to have a 'second opinion' see menu above tendered, which may also provide additional challenges to the report. Another way to do avoid lead in your foot, as it were, is if your ex is making allegations about your mental health, to have an independent assessment done and tendered in the appendix of your main application affidavit. Put out the fire before it is lit.

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Maybe avoid a further report on yourself. But if a second report happens to be ordered, remember that report writers are ethically obliged to make additional enquiries about matters important to their conclusions, that they may not have known to look for until they spoke to you or your ex. If they fail to account for previous reports on you, they are failing in their duty to the court to consider relevant evidence, and you have grounds for a challenge. And if you do commission a report, remember that they can be moderately expensive. Reviewing evidence and other documents, critiquing other reports, interviewing other people for collateral information, or assessing children will add to the cost.

The preceding can also be raised if you discuss matters in your evidence of which they are unaware - because the ICL GAL has failed to provide much of your evidence to them as a result of taking a dislike to you early in the piece or having some other grudge against you, eg. Again, I have seen it happen. Assuming the ICL GAL is painting a fair picture by way of equal disclosure is an assumption you really want to check, but discussing with the reporter every piece that they should have read.

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Remember that when you assume that you are being treated fairly by the system. Psychological Tips My last tips are more psychological than purely practical. You will be frustrated, and upset, and angry and feel that there isn't any justice. Your child has had spinal damage from one of your ex's psychotic episodes, but Child Safety sat on their hands, or as I saw in one letter, told you "they weren't being abused badly enough" despite the photos of bruises supplied.

Let this focus you, and find ways of venting your anger and frustration that doesn't lead to doing silly things, like defaming judges or other professionals by name in a public forum. That will get you sued, and a lawsuit will reduce your ability to fight later on. Join with other parents in your situation.

There are Facebook groups aplenty, some very large now, which share information and advice and have people who lend a friendly ear, who usually have been through the same thing as you. Take time out to take care of yourself, and don't ruminate over things for countless hours. It accomplishes nothing.

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  • If you need to think about something, have a notebook where you keep ideas. Once it's written down, you won't be afraid of forgetting it, and if there's a genuinely new thought, you'll know it.

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    One thing I always ask my Family Law clients to do is to organise their information into a timeline. Failing to do this as an ongoing project, and panicking and doing it at the last minute is a.

    Practically speaking, a timeline is something that you end up having to have, so better you do it than pay your lawyer a few thousand to do it. Think about all the major things that have happened since meeting your ex. Put them in a spreadsheet. Keep it sorted by date. Now think of the things you need as evidence. Use the major things as a reference point to help you establish the date as accurately as you can. Look at old credit card statements to establish exactly when you bought petrol in Woop-Woop, and your ex shoplifted something which you found out about after reaching the back of Bourke that night.

    Scan your phone records for the call to police where you reported her boyfriend's stepfather assaulting you at the kids' football match, so you can fix date and time. Your lawyer can reduce it to essentials later. Right you now need more detail than less, and you need it sorted by date. The most important part of a self-tape audition is to provide truthful, engaging acting, while employing every technical advantage.

    You must pay attention to the quality of the visual image, sound, and lighting. You must also make smaller choices to help yourself out, like having a neutral background and wearing flattering clothing choices. Moment has a selection of high-quality lenses that are compatible with many types of phones, in addition to their own selection of phone cases. It also comes with full HD video. The sound of your self-tape must be clean. You should never use a phone to record without an external microphone; it will pick up all sorts of distracting ambient noise.

    It also plugs directly into the headphone jack on your phone. As such, it might prove a good option for those actors out there recording for a musical theater audition. If you are using a DSLR camera to record your audition, the sound quality is probably decent, but an external mic attachment can help take it to the next level. The most popular type of mic available for this purpose is the shotgun microphone, which can be placed on top of the camera.

    For self-tapes, you would not want to use a hand-held mic or headset, as that would prove distracting from the action taking place. You would also not need a boom mic, which is what is used on film sets, as that would be overkill and would require either an extra person to help you film or a boom stand. This is not necessary as a basic accessory for filming self-tapes, however, as it might not work well with all of the other filming equipment you have going on.