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Today he is busy spreading the message of integrated organic farming in his home state. With support of other farmers, he has set up the Haryana Kisan Welfare Club, which has branches in all districts in the state. Close to 5, farmers are active members of this club and they are fast spreading the word around. In states such as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat there are now efforts at replicating organic farming clubs. Learning by doing Dagar started farming with a mere 1.

A clear understanding of three factors -- the market demand, the natural resources available and maintaining the product quality -- helped him succeed. Most organic farmers find it difficult to get good markets for their produce, but not Dagar. It is only when I am 60 per cent sure of getting returns, do I take 40 per cent risk," he says. And in most cases it works to his good. Almost all seasonal vegetables, fruits, paddy, wheat, mushroom and flowers are grown organically in Dagar's farm. He has also started growing exotic vegetables and fruits, such as lettuce, baby corn and strawberry, for export.

This innovative farmer has set aside one ha for research purposes Dagar's research lab. With a bit of hard work and understanding of nature, any farmer can earn a minimum of Rs 10 lakh per annum. I do not understand why everyone is running after a job? Dagar's research lab Dagar's lab oratory is a visual extravaganza. One can witness composting taking place at one end, flowers growing at the other end, a farm pond with fishes, and a biogas plant.

And all these elements in his farm are interlinked through various agrocycles and together generate an annual income of Rs lakh see table: Farm gold. Moreover, the farm saves precious energy by using solar power. Spreading the word Today Dagar is busy spreading the word of integrated farming throughout the country. Farmers from Haryana are playing a lead role in the mission.

Siddhi layer poultry farm

The Haryana Kisan Welfare Club gives hands-on training on organic farming. Since most farmers cannot come to the district clubs, workshops are organised at village level. In February this year, a gathering of about 4, farmers was organised at Sonipat.

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Apart from farmers, experts, agricultural scientists and bureaucrats were invited. But Dagar concedes that motivating government machinery towards integrating organic farming is a big task. But Dagar is not waiting for government help. He has made organic farming his mission. For instance, right now I am trying to grow a Chinese plant, which is times sweeter than sugar but is cholesterol free. If I am successful in my venture, I will recommend it to others. Since the plant has medicinal value, it has a huge international market," he says.

Way back in , Dagar had introduced baby corn in Sonipat on a mere 0. Today, almost ha land in Sonipat is under baby corn cultivation. Future challenges With success come new challenges. The cost of organic food is priced higher than food grown with the use of chemicals. Dagar has tried to turn this adversity to his advantage.

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He makes use of good marketing tactics to exploit the high premium on organic food. He has also tied up with voluntary organisations that market organic food. To be doubly sure, he himself conducts market research to ascertain the demand for various organic foods. Another, problem for organic farmers like Dagar is that India lacks a streamlined procedure for certifying organic foods. Also one kind of certificate is not valid for all countries. It has about 10 companies registered under it, of which only one is an Indian firm. A day's visit of a company official costs about Rs 15, Which Indian farmer has so much money?

The Haryana Kisan Welfare Club has taken up this issue with the government, but without success. Finally it approached a Gurgaon-based private company for certification. The company should start work within a month.

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The club is following group certification scheme where rich farmers will subsidise the certification process of the poor ones. But it is high time, the Indian government facilitates the procedure and supports farmers like Dagar. We are a voice to you; you have been a support to us. Together we build journalism that is independent, credible and fearless. You can further help us by making a donation. This will mean a lot for our ability to bring you news, perspectives and analysis from the ground so that we can make change together.

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I was searching for some information on how to convert a regular farm in to organic farm and landed here. This is wonderful and motivating.

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I have a 5 acre farm in Haryana. With ground water level going deeper, canal water never reaches up to my farm and scarcity of rain, its challenging to continue traditional farming. I am searching for new modern technical ways to transform my farm into organic farm. Dear Chanderji, its so satifying to see people who walk the talk. Many of us live 'practically' and few like you live 'ideally and practically'.

It takes courage, faith to earn a livelihood by providing a tangible benefit to society. Stories like ypurs surely stir many of us, who are chained to this rat race. My best wishes. And one more thing you said ground water to be increased while rainy season by way of adopting pond to harvest rain water. In tamilnadu sri. Great article and encouraging one to those who are thinking of agriculture as a career.

I am realy apreciating your knowledge. I am thinking a lot, if require will visit your place and share your knowledge. This is very nice.

Certificate in Poultry Farming (CPF)

Very inspiring. This is a real eye opener. Dagarji is a real time hero, a motivator. More and more people should adopt this methods and become self efficient and help play a role in raising nations economy by self growth. Hats off to you Sir. I am from kerela , interrested in fishery n organic vegetable farming can u guide me. The Sustainable practice of Agriculture shown by Dagar is really a man of inspiration.

Poultry Farming in India (Full Information & Business Guide) | Modern Farming Methods

At the age of climate change and global warming, farmers of our country can take his path. At the same time, the unemployed youth of both educated and uneducated section can learn his lesson and make them self-sufficient. Very interesting to learn about Mr. How can I get more information about his cultivation Jacob. Sir we have 10 aches land but we cont get more than 3 lk we suffer a lot how we can earn more money by making good crop please reply me.

I have few doubt regarding organic farming. Could you please give your mobile number. Please Mr. Dagar I want to learn about your technique And I want to talk to you for further starting my farming career. Thank you for this useful information. I want to contact information for this farming. I have 6 acres land. However, it was found to be more prevalent Avian influenza is an important poultry disease that had emerged with higher mortality in the recent decades.

Pathogenisity of avian influenza was more in egg laying birds than in broilers.

Mycoplasmosis is a series of bacterial infections caused by bacterium mycoplasm of various types in egg type layers. Mycoplasmosis results in severe economic losses in egg type layers in terms of reduced egg production and higher mortality. Salmonellae, one of the bacterial species, are abundantly found in most of the areas where chances of contamination are greater; primarily poultry sheds and feed reservoirs.

Coccidiosis a protozoan disease, is one of the major problems of the chicken industry, characterized by blood tinged feces, ruffled feathers, loss of appetite, poor growth and reduced egg production.

Goat breeds

Coocidiosis had been reported to result in higher mortality Drowsiness, minimal mobility, vent pasting and the lack of interest of feeding in the chicken characterize yolk sac infection. There may be several predisposing factors such as poor hygiene and stressful conditions leading to this anomaly because, it is a general bacterial infection.

About 5. Zanella et al. Egg prolapes has become one of the major issues in egg type layers during the past few years. Egg prolapes could cause higher mortality and in turn, would result in huge economic losses.