Guide When To Hold On When To Let Go

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Let Go, Learn How to Let Go of Someone You Love to Move On

Also, the change must come from within you, and you have to own it. Because you can. Hold on if he or she is someone who listens. Sometimes we only need to be heard to feel better and figure things out.

When To Hold On And When To Let Go

Be with someone who wants to hear you. You only noticed this because you are not into him or her.

Should I Give Up And Move On: When To Fight For A Relationship And When To Let Go?

Someone you find interesting. Look for the genuine attraction. Time is of great significance. Liars are everywhere; please do not spend a minute on them. They suck.

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Sometimes there is too much at stake. The release requires a gentle and measured unfurling. Letting go lightly feels mindful and informed by a deeper wisdom or inner knowing. To let go lightly allows a gentle exploring, as that which we are letting go of is released and whatever may be coming next is allowed some space to gently ease in to.

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One of the best in my opinion. It is fierce and strong and gently wise.

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It opens up the opportunity for me to ponder where am I holding tightly and why. And where can I let go lightly and how.

I let go lightly of any negativity which creeps into my thoughts, my observations of others, my communication. Why not drop that unwanted piece with all the force of an iron anvil? Unwelcome as it may be, negativity has its place in teaching me, and thus I must be kind and thought-filled as I release it to transform myself and allow it to transform itself. Through that lens it seems contradictory, but I like it. Actually I love it.

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It has a staunch, committed strength to it. A gentle releasing; a softening of the white-knuckled grip. And I invite you to ponder the same. She lives on the south coast of Western Australia and works and plays with people all over the world. What is a Passion Project?